How do you fill in the dead time

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Hello BP universe

I have listened to 30+ BP podcasts and YouTube videos in the last 30 days (that is a part of my daily goals - 1 podcast, analyze 3-5 deals, read something, currently wrapping up the BRRRR book). In my most recent YouTube view Brandon talks about what I think he called "dead time" which is the time between deals.

I am currently working to liquidate a pension to use for funding a multi-family deal (to be found).  It is a small pension and under performing the market and my 401k returns so I see it as actually loosing money over time (just like a savings account) so trust me I am ok with doing this.  It is going to take maybe 2 months to do so and I can do only so many podcasts, meetups and deal analysis before my eyes start to cross.  Sooo I wanted to know what do other do to hone skills and fill that dead time.  

My interest right now is on how to start finding private money or hard money lenders and how to structure the discussions in a way to increate my chances for a "yes".  What do they typically ask?  What documents can I bring?  What do they always need?  These are the only questions I can ask because i dont know what I dont know.  I will start from here so I can come to the table with paperwork and details in hand to get that "yes' from them.

Open to other topics, ideas on filling in that time as well......


I read, study, spend time with my family and communal activities. The closest to "Dead time" I have is here on BP which I justify under the "study" category since I learn a lot here. ;)

But if you want a "Yes", come to me with a nice property you have or are about to have on contract and want a loan on. A property whose 75% of LTV is light years above my minimum loan size and in a large city, and also have a great credit score. If you are referring to a meetup, I can almost always be put in the right frame of mind for a Yes with an offer of a shot of single malt or a rusty nail drink. ;) Even without that though, a smiling countenance can usually persuade me to, yes, part with one of the loan program flyers I should be carrying.

Best of luck.

Joe - yup that stuff is important and is being done it's the free spots between I'm asking.  Thanks for the feedback. 

Ben - thanks for the input, will work on presentation and definitely need to focus on the social aspect. Credit is Rock solid so not worried there.  Thanks for the feedback. 

Seth - 100% on the content idea, started posting that here and i am looking into making my "brand" including a Facebook page, IG and the famous business card lol. 

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