What should you expect from working with interior designers?

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We are rehabbing a 2 bed/1bath condo in Jersey City, NJ and we're currently interviewing interior designers for the project. One designer is offering a flat fee of $3k for 3 months of consultation. She also stated that there would be a 35% upcharge for products she "chooses". I still need clarification on what she means, but until then, I wanted to know more about your experience with interior designers. 

- What are the average costs for interior designers in your area?

- Aside from consultation, what outputs are delivered by interior designers you've worked with? Do they provide a materials list with SKUs? Do they place the orders themselves? 

- How do you evaluate the quality of an interior designer?

Thanks for your help!

@Viet Hoang I have never personally used an interior designer because I don’t really do high end rehabs but I guess you can add 35% to your budget for tiles, paints, and fixtures. Also remember the quality of the workmanship of the contractor is very important especially if you are spending all this money on materials so stay on top of whoever is doing the labor. Personally when I’m looking for design ideas I go on Houzz and places like that and just copy what I like while getting similar materials at Home Depot or Lowe’s. Unless you are going ultra high end and custom I never saw a reason to buy those things anywhere else.

@Viet Hoang did you check the designer’s portfolios? That says a lot of the work. I don’t know about 35%. A lot of supply places offers designer discounts . Interior Designers take a cut of the savings.