Let’s make this thread blow up!!! Ugly evictions!

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I had a condominium in Kona, Big Island of Hawaii, and I rented to Hawaiian guy.   It was a garden unit facing to garbage area and no scenery at all so it was hard to rent out first of all.   This guy didn’t pay rent at all and living with his father, and kids, so many people.  I consulted with RealEstate lawyer and he suggested me, “You could keep sending my letter to him and spending money.  However best way to get him out, is ask Hawaiian yakuza to kick him out” He meant like this guy is not going to move out in that way.  So my ex husband had bike rental business in Waikiki and there was a scary Hawaiian guy he knew (most of people when they see him they are like “hell out of there!”)and he was watching his business too. We asked him for his help.  He is that kind of guy.  My ex husband and him took a flight early morning from Honolulu and then got there 8 a.m., knock the door...and he opened the door.  He was so astonished, I heard... I was young and he thought I could not do anything about it...so he tried to close the door but guy’s toe was already at the door...He did some Hawaiian threat...he didn’t do anything but his presence made them scared.  

A few days later my friend Jennie and her husband went to Kona Reef(that’s name of building) to check him out.... he was still there at pool side but her husband is Hawaiian and he went to him, “How’s going” then he was like flied away.  After that he’s completely gone from the unit.  Hawaii has Hawaiian way to do business lol...Later on, a year later or so, I was at my ex husband’s bike shop I saw him he was carrying surfboard going toward beach.  He was looking back to me astonishingly from faraway.  He might not have realized I was in Honolulu too.  Don’t get me wrong though, I love Hawaii and there are so many Aloha spirited people and I had no experience then.  Next time around I will check background before doing anything.  Never have that experience again!!!!  Thanks.

Michiko Gladman

cops show up for forceable eviction..  go in the door.. my secretary is there representing us.

cop sees keys wallet and note on kitchen table.. turns around to Dory and says go sit in your car.

looks through house then in back yard.. tenant is sitting in chair slumped over..  shot himself in the head.

3 other attempted suicides with pills.. that's the ugly side of this great landlording business.

Advertised for a house sitter to watch the property and do odd jobs for a few weeks.  Stupid me I didn't run a background check cause he had a great story about needed a temp place before his wife finds a job out of state.  Everything was fine for several weeks then when the repairs are done and the house is fixed he says he's not moving out.  Turns out he's a serial scammer and convicted felon.  Knows the legal system and all the tricks to drag out an eviction.  Looking for a good real estate attorney in Atlanta for advice!