Should I use a realtor if I find the investment property?

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New member here and learning as much as I can as fast as I can. I have been looking at a lot of different properties over the last few months looking to make my first investment purchase. I have found one that could be interesting and am curious if I should use a realtor despite having found the property myself? I understand that a realtor also helps the negotiation process, etc, but I think I can do this on my own. The seller has an agent, and I could use the fact that they would save money by not paying a buying agent commission to lower the price. The 4 plex has also been for sale for a little bit as well.


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Yes you can but as your new to investing I wouldn’t and the listing agent won’t represent you fairly as they would their primary client “the seller” I believe even some experienced buyers still use agents as for myself I’ll continue to use one for all my purchases 

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It all depends on your experience and comfort level. Have you ever written a Purchase Agreement before? Do you know exactly what to put into one? Details matter, such as; writing in what appliances are included, pro rated rents, security deposits, inspections and due diligence period, earnest money, etc, etc, etc. Unless you’re very comfortable, I would use your own agent.