I am currently working as an entry level accountant, and honestly I find the work to not be that challenging. Obviously since its entry level, it is alot of the basic stuff, but from working this job I have learned that a 8-5 MF at a desk is not for me. It sucks that I went through 4 years of college to learn that lol.

Anyways, I have been obsessing over real estate for the past year and I am building capital right now so that I can start investing in the near future. With that being said I have stumbled across Residential appraising. After reading more into it this sounds like something I would LOVE. It gives me the opportunity to do business work and work with numbers, but also leave the computer and go do the other side of appraising.

My question for all the BP appraisers, would you recommend this career path? I have seen a lot of people recommend commercial appraising over residential appraising, would you? Is this career something you can make 6 figures in with time (Sorry to ask about salary but if I am going to leave accounting I want to make sure the career I choose will be comparable in terms of $). Lastly, what tips/advice would you give me when starting my appraising career?

Thank you in advance!