Best Way to Find Rehab Lists in Boston Area

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20 year old investor just getting his feet wet in the Boston area. Need advice on finding comprehensive lists of properties in the 0-300k range with rehab potential. I want advice on where to look for property (foreclosure, probate, tax liens, etc) lists. I'm looking to rehab a property or two this summer and walk away with a profit for me and my team.

Any advice from Boston investors/those with experience in the market would be appreciated.

Your best bet is to reach out to as many realtors as you can in your target areas and explain your price point. You could also look into getting your real estate license as access to MLS is really valuable.

@John E.

I agree with @Nick Earls that reaching out to agents will be helpful in your search.  Also, what are you doing to network in addition to BP posts?  Be sure to attend some meetups in your area to make some face-to-face connections and get the word out that you're on the hunt.  Wholesalers have buyer's lists that they will be happy to add you to.  

Make sure to keep your expectations in check as well.  Finding properties in the Boston area under $300k will be tough, so don't get discouraged if you don't find them immediately.  Consider a broader search criteria or improved budget if you don't find much.  Good luck!