Hello, I am a 25 year old New Jersey resident and at this point have saved roughly $70,000. I have a good job and a very simple lifestyle, which allows me to save money at a rather quick rate. I plan to continue working my job for a few more years, but instead of putting my money into a high interest online savings account I would like to begin investing in real estate. My goal is to reach financial freedom by the age of 30, which gives me 5 years. To be financially free, I would like to have a minimum of $4000 a month in passive income (obviously more is always better). After much research, I believe duplex and triplex long term rentals are the path I would like to go down, but am open to any suggestions. I also have a very unique investment opportunity in a tourist town in Costa Rica. My mother owns a home there and the front of her lot is completely open for construction, and she has given me permission to build whatever I would like. The front of the lot is on the main street of town and has a lot of tourist foot traffic - so this is also an investment opportunity. Any and all input/advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers!