Finance Next Property

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Hello everyone. I currently have 2 properties, one of which is a rental. Both properties have equity above $100k. I would like to start investing in either a rental or a flip. The question I have is what would be the best option to get the capital for the investment property? I am thinking refinance the rental property to take advantage of the equity. A question to go along with that is what type of mortgage should I take to if I go that route.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

@Pattie Robertson


If I were in your shoes James, I would pick rental, for example. Since flips involve rehabbing, and finding a rental that needs very little or no rehab means quick to market, using my equity towards that investment purchase makes since to me. what do you think? Question: did you flip either of your other props? Because if you did, it my be time BRRRR.

Any time, James. I love analyzing properties, so if you need any help there, please let me know. Btw: how did you acquire your 1st and 2nd properties? If you don't mind sharing?