Real Estate Developer in progress... need a professional opinion

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I've been given the opportunity to go back to college to get a Masters Degree in Real Estate Development due to a fellowship that I was part of during my undergrad, but i'm hesitant because the whole field is brand new to me. I've been out of college for about 3 years now and really like the idea of going back to get a masters degree in the field due to its demand, but wanted professional opinions as well as advice on how a person that is brand new to the field should get started as well as what I should expect. 

Do you have the opportunity to take part time courses? And potentially working and studying at the same time? I'm very much a fan of learning by doing - but definitely have forwarded my career quite a bit by achieving a few different certifications.

I actually do and I completely agree with learning by doing! I was toying with the idea of securing a part time with either a boutique firm or larger corporation locally to have a way to apply what i'm learning to what i'm doing. Thank you for your input, I will definitely use it in my decision! 

One of the realtors/investors I work with now I met while he was doing his undergrad. He got his agent's license his 2nd year at university, worked and studied part time, and by the time he graduated he had his own property management business (since expanded into short term management). Now he uses many of the connection he met at university to syndicate deals. 

Look at typical student outcomes for the program. Are you interested in those outcomes? If so, do it!

The real estate investment community tends to be pretty sour on college education. However, the stats for marketable business-related masters degrees can be very favorable. The most important thing (in my opinion) is to know if your outcome and the outcome of the program are in alignment.