Newbie starting out from Fort Collins CO

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My names Luke I'm from the UK and I currently reside in Fort Collins, CO. I'm brand new to REI. I'm looking for individuals who are currently actively wholesaling and could point me in the right direction for obtaining, or may have, the correct/legal contracts for purchase/sale agreements as well as assignments in Colorado.

Im also looking for people to partner with on any wholesale/ JV deals and flips/rehabs. I'm also open to working in other markets in Colorado or surrounding states for that matter. If you are like minded and find yourself in a similar situation to me then send me a message. Let's connect and make some $$$.


First of all Luke, it would behoove you to add a photo so people will be more likely to reply to you. It doesn't sound like you're working with a realtor and BP author Brandon Turner would agree that's a good idea. Read his UBG book. Great book for anyone starting out. As far as looking for like minds, well buddy, you're in right place. Good luck on your connections here. From a deal perspective, I love analyzing properties, so if you have any questions there I'll be glad to help. Don't forget that photo.


Thanks for the feedback. I just made this profile yesterday and i forgot to add the pic. I'm not currently. If i have any future deals, id love to get your opinion so ill shoot you an email. I am currently looking at multi - family opportunities that i have approx $120k cash to throw at.


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Hey Luke. Good luck to you. Fort Collins is a phenomenal place to live.  A little difficult from a deal perspective right now. I'd look to Loveland and Greeley is your plan is wholesaling. Wish you success! 

Hi Luke. Welcome to NoCo! I was contacted yesterday by a wholesaler out of Arvada who has recently added NoCo to his territory. I'm meeting with him today, and will ask if I can pass his info on to you. He mentioned that they have a deal acquisitions team, so he might be a good contact for you to get some hands-on wholesaling experience. I'll PM you with what I find out.

Cheers back at ya! And you HAVE to check out the microbrew scene in NoCo. Don't restrict yourself strictly to FC, either. Windsor and Greeley have a couple of great breweries each. 

@Morgan Wallace Thanks Morgan! That would be awesome i would really appreciate it. 

I am very much a beer lover and am often a exploring breweries in town. My favorites are currently Red Tractor here in foco and High Hops in Windsor. Hope to see you there one day!

@Patrick Soukup 

Thanks Patrick! I have been looking in Greely as well. Seems like there is a little more opportunity there because the real estate is less expensive. I notice you are work with people in search for investment properties - i will be looking a rental in the next 2-4 months so i will reach out to you!