How do you find Burned out homes?

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That could be a difficult market because I imagine the owner received a check from their insurance Co., which leaves them the option to rebuild or to move elsewhere. I don't think ownership changes hands unless they abandon the property. Also, if the wood is burnt through more than a certain percentage, the city/county will condemn the building and not allow it to be rebuilt.  It has to be torn down.  If you find one with mild smoke damage though, that could potentially work out.

Hello Jeremy. I am in DFW and love flipping homes. I am currently interested on How it works. I have a guy I know in the business but does not want to share any tips. I am really intrigued by how it works. Omg! You are so nice. Thank you for your willingness to teach me some tips. Honestly I really am blind at this. I flip normal homes and normally buy them cash. I just really want to find ways to maybe tap on another opportunity.