Hi Everyone,

I am starting my journey into real estate.

Currently I would like to grow my portfolio and begin house flipping.

A few steps I have taken are:

•Joined Meetup for Real Estate events

•Spoken to my mortgage lender regarding purchasing the investment property

•Watched tons of Bigger Pockets Podcasts

•Currently house hacking

•Read Rich Dad Poor Dad

•Enrolled in Udemy

•Fundamentals of Analyzing Real Estate Investments

•Real Estate Investing: LEarn to Fix & Flip , Step by Step!

•Completed a realtor class through Long and Foster and need to take PSI to get the Realtor license

•Have about 20K in savings

•Goal is to buy a 200K house(Northern VA) this winter and rehab/Flip by spring 2020

Mainly Looking for

•How to acquire funding for a purchase/rehab

•A mentor to guide through the process

Any tips, courses, skills or anything else would be great!

Thank you!