Noob in Pittsburgh,Pa.

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But it is not simple.  Just like any other aspect of real estate it takes hard work.  Check out the book on this site by Brandon.  "The book on investing in real estate with low  or no money...  something like that. It's a really long title.haha

I would say to pick an investment strategy that excites you not just because you heard it a good way to start with little money.  If that is Wholesaling go for it!  If it is multifamily family investing you will find a way to get the money if you have the drive.

Thanks Derek. To be perfectly honest wholesaling seems very difficult, at least more difficult than the "Gurus" make it sound.  

We want to buy & hold for passive income. The BRRRR method REALLY got my attention.

  I'm trying to educate myself as much as possible, so far BP as been a wealth of information. Currently I am reading How To Invest In Real Estate- The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Getting Started by Joshua Dorkin & Brandon Turner.  Great read so far.  I also started listening to the BP podcast 3 days ago...started at episode 1, on episode 13 now.