New Rental Prop Investor in WPB

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The goal is to use all the assistance provided to a first time home buyers to acquire a property. I would then house hack and live in one unit whilst renting out the others. I intend on doing this multiple times throughout a three year period by using the BRRRR Method. Does anyone have any advice or contacts that can help me get started. I already began putting together my down payment by saving 40% of my income for the last 6 months. I am looking for agents and contractors.

Hey @Warren Sainvil . Welcome to B/P. That is a great strategy. You could also try getting a duplex and rent out one unit while you fix up the second unit. But either way small multifamily or SFR you will be successful with this strategy. I am part of LeadingRE and we have a network of agents across the country that are part of it. If you are struggling to find an agent that is investor friendly feel free to DM me. Good Luck and welcome to the party!