I need help knowing where to get an assignment contract from

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An assignment contract is separate from the purchase agreement and simply says the assignor -you- ifor a fee of $$$$ to the assignee  on the property ---name--   property address   Fee to be paid at escrow ------   Under the tools tab  is their is a file tab with plenty of contracts  for you to find----here is a template you can use  @Reggie Jones


(Assignor) hereby agrees to assign, transfer, sells, the Contract/Interest, whether written or verbal for the property located at ---- (Assignee).

The Assignment/finder’s fee shall be collected and paid to the Assignor at closing in the amount $)

In additional to this assignment/finder’s fee, the Assignee agrees to deposit the EARNEST MONEY DEPOSIT, IMMEDIATELY in the amount of $ ( DOLLARS), to escrow ( Title). The Sale price of ,000 shall remain the same for closing purposes.

The undersigned agrees that they have the full authority to execute this document personally and or any organization they represent or will represent. By signing, you agree that you have read, understand and have the full power and authority to enter into this legal agreement. If you do not understand this document, please seek legal counsel prior to signing. The undersigned acknowledges receipt of a copy of this document.

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