Bit by the RE bug 2 months ago. Inherited 4 doors a week ago..WTF

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Whats up everybody, I'm excited to join the community!!!

Having done only one deal, my current home :). I'm looking for market specific information regarding this first project. The location is B rated in my opinion and I'm eager to learn how outside investors would analyze this property(ill share specifics if interested).  I plan to rehab and rent out regardless of outside influence and am curious as to the next steps in the process since the property is already in possession?

Thanks for the response @Dawn Brenengent 

The property has been vacant over 10 years. The inheritance was a surprise to me. My current plan is to get conventional financing to rehab the better looking side, get a renter, then figure out a way to finance the other side. There is momentum in that area so complete rehab, asap, is ideal.