TLDR: New investor with bad credit. Should I get a credit card to improve my credit? What other steps should I take when starting out?

Hello everyone,

My name is CJ Goldsmith. Im brand new to anything involving real estate but want to learn as much as I can and begin taking steps as soon as I can. I found the bigger pockets platform, listened to a couple of podcast episodes, attended a webinar and purchased a PRO membership as I felt it would enable me to access more information. I just want to know what are some actionable steps I can take next. 

Here's my situation,

Im a recent graduate in the medical profession, (not a doctor) and making between 50-65k a year gross. My credit score is in the mid 500s as I missed a couple of loan payments during my educational journey. Other than that I do not have a credit card, or anything else I know that may hurt/help my credit. From what Ive been able to gather, Im going to need to improve my credit score over the next couple of months/years to get approved for a loan. So should I go get a credit card, and pay on time to improve my score to facilitate the approval process? Or is there something else I should do to facilitate that process?

Also I live in CA, and the housing market is really....really...really expensive. I didn't understand what people meant before, but now that Im looking into it...its painful. But I know if i keep looking I'll find something that will work. As of right now I Drive for dollars 3 times a week and am compiling a list. I'm also learning how to analyze deals and plan on doing at least one a week. 

I'll also look at the discussions regarding starting out and if my questions are answered there I'll take this post down. 

Super excited for this journey. 

Until tomorrow, 

CJ Goldsmith