Can you cash-out refi under an LLC ?

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Yes, there are lenders out there that are able to assist you with doing that. Normally you are looking at a portfolio/commercial-like loan to do it. Do you have a property in mind?

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You can purchase with LLC Financing as well as doing cash out refinances. Just know the rates won't be as low as conventional.

@Johnson Joseph Yes I do it all the time but you won’t get those low rates offered to regular home buyers and most loans offered will be commercial loans with a 5,7,or 10 year term. That being said it’s still worth it and talk to local community banks when you are ready to do so I find them much easier to deal with as they take the time to understand my business.

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I am curious to know if you can cash-out refinance under an LLC?

Not if you want to get those lovely 30 year residential terms. My advice to new investors is to buy in their personal names utilize their available 10 residential mortgages. Get 1 on your personal home and 9 on rentals. From there move on to bigger commercial deals in an LLC either on your own or with other partners.