How to figure out how much rent to charge?

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I'm thinking to put my house up for rent instead of selling. Home prices are craxy high in my area. I bought my house 4 years ago and is practically doubled, from what i can tell. Rent has sky rocketed to. Since renting out my home is a new concept for me, i haven't really been following the market, in regards to looking up rent prices. I've went to a few sights with rentals listed and there are only 8 or so listed, only 2 are some what comparable to my home. I have no idea what are the best sites to go to veiw/list rentals. Are sites that give a rent estimates accurate? What are good web sites to check out? And i know that no site will know my house better than me, just what ideas.

Also what else is there for me to do to determine the right price to charge for rent? Thanks!

@Bryce McBride I'd check listings on Zillow, Craigslist, and facebook market place to find comparables. You can also use the website rentometer to get a range for your area, just know it's not as reliable as using actual comps from your area. Good luck!