Wanting Develop Rental Cabins in Hocking Hills, Ohio -

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My wife and I are looking to build Vacation Rental Cabins in the Hocking Hills, Ohio. We have access to 66 acres of wooded land to build on. Our plan is build  Yurts, and Cabins that are rented to tourist who come to the Hocking Hills region. We are from there originally and travel to the area to see family and the explosion of the number of people traveling to the Hocking Hills has made it the 3rd most visited place in the state of Ohio behind Cedar Point, Kings Island.  We are not business people so how to develop a business plan and all the stuff that needs to go into the prep we are at a lost   Business plan? Capital/? help

@Pat Murtha Welcome to BiggerPockets. I have always been interested in the vacation rental space. Especially in places such as the Hocking Hills and Appalachia in general. I have met a few folks recently who are active in that market and I am planning on following up and seeing what their experience has been. I would be happy to forward you the contacts of these folks so you can reach out, as well as a referral for a short term rental consultant who may have some insight.

Hocking Hills is a great trip! I'm from Indianapolis and went a few times. I would focus on building cabins. Yurts are kind of a joke in my opinion. I would choose a cabin over that 9/10 times. There's a campground in Robbinsville, NC called Simple Life Mountain Retreat. The owners name is Allen McHenry and he has transformed the property over the years. Check it out on Facebook! He buys small barns and converts them into 2-3 bed cabins. I've vacationed there 4-5 times and it's a great time. I'm sure he could give you some pointers on setting up a business and creative ways to save money.

Thanks for the information, I will be checking out the Simple Life Retreat. Our thoughts on the Yurts were like yours at first until we stayed in one in Virginia over last Christmas and it was not just a tent but a two bedroom, full bathroom, full kitchen etc...  another issue it is about 18 months wait to get a Cabin started due to high demand for builder.  Our goal is to be up in running by January of 2021. So we figured we start with a few Yurts to get started and add the Cabins when a builder can actually build them. Any other input is greatly appreciated. 

@Joshua Hively dredging up this dead thread to see if you still have those connections and would be willing to share? Debating possibly getting a STR/weekend getaway down in that area - thanks!