Wholesaling - how to find buyers

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Hey y'all! So, I'm brand new to this stuff (just bought my first condo as a rental property), but I'm very interested in wholesaling.

I'm working on my website and all my systems to find leads and deals, but once I find a property I like, I'm not sure how to find a buyer for it.

I know lots of the bigger wholesalers have mailing lists that buyers sign up for, but what about for those of us just starting out....where would be the best place to find buyers?

Thanks in advance for your help!!

If you find a good deal, the right buyer will come.

Start going to local investor meetups, join your local real estate facebook pages, find out who is rehabbing property in the area, and just research. Buyers are everywhere, you just have to put in a little time and effort to reach them.

Do you know what is funny?

I do have a cash buyers site but I have honestly never even touched it. I get my cash buyers from my website. I keep getting form opt ins from cash buyers through my motivated seller website, and a ton of calls every day. Oddly enough I find it annoying because I have stopped wholesaling a long time ago (but starting this up again because as it stands now I am throwing all my leads away.. literally).

But yes the gentleman above me is right, they shall come when you have a deal...

But.. even more so when you can let people think you have all the deals. People keep bombarding us asking to be on our list when we absolutely do not even advertise or even look for  cash buyers.

You are doing it the right way btw. Not often do I come across someone that actually does it efficiently. You get your site first, and you work your site and you rank #1. That is the hardest part. If you manage to do that, all the rest will effortlessly.. wait wait... "effortlessly" (much better), fall into place.

Keep this up. You will make it far!