CT Accountant / Financial Advisor

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I am looking for referrals in CT for accountants/tax/financial advisors with decent knowledge of real estate. I am a REALTOR and insurance agent and I would like to make the smart decision of getting a professional to help manage my finances and taxes. I recommend someone with the real estate / investing background because I plan on getting into the investment world within 1-2 years.  Thank you for any referrals and I plan on contacting multiple to have discussions and work with someone who suits my style. 

@Nicholas Greene , don’t expect to find 1 person who is both a great accountant and a great FA. Sure, there’s overlap, but they are different skill sets.

That said, I really like my CPA. He’s based in Greenwich. If that’s not too far for you, DM me and I get you his contact info.

@Nicholas Greene,

Would you be comfortable working with your tax accountant remotely? If so, you open yourself up to a bigger pool of candidates.

There are about 20 of us tax accountants and CPAs here on Bigger Pockets who specialize in real estate taxation and work with clients nationwide.

Reach out to a few of us and see who you like.

Good luck and let me know if I can be of assistance.