Financing Investment Properties - Question

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One of the things that is stopping me from quitting my full time job is being able to finance my future property acquisitions. Can people share some creative financing options investors that have great credit, but don't necessarily want to outlay a lot of cash?

My impression is, in order to do a "stated income" loan on an investment property, no matter how great your credit is, is that you need a minimum of 10% down? Besides seller assists/concessions which the max's are 3% in PA and 6% in NJ, what are other qays to recover acquisition costs.

I love to get great deals and maxing out seller assists, but i'm trying to acquire more and more properties. With positive cash flows between $500-$1000 a month, it is hard to re-coup on a property that is $800k (even if it is worth $1MM). Am I looking to short term?

I like to acquire my rental properties with little to nothing down in which i have done with a few of my primary mortgages.

Any ideas would be great!


There are some lenders that don't require 10% down, however, you have to do your due diligence. One lender that comes to mind is Quicken Loans. If you have above 680 + credit score, Quicken can do a NO DOC stated loan w 100% financing; no down; no income verification; and no assets. :wink: