So I’m trying to start off doing long distance BRRRing but have trouble with getting a team

With a lender : my biggest issue is not knowing if they are legit or not . I had a lender say he would fund everything with upfront costs of underwriting/appraisal and soft costs. But what paperwork should be in place before wiring the money upfront anywhere? Just to make sure I’m not getting scammed or the smaller end of the stick.

With contractors : how can I get multiple bids in one day so I can pick and choose the better option for me ? Do I just call all contractors I have an interest in and send them to the subject property 2 hours after another or something like that ?

I have a good deal finder and I have yet to call a property manager. From what I hear a property manager can be what ties everything up and does the most from any other party (lender, agent, or contractor) and will clear up a lot of confusion. I guess I just want to know how to pick the right one. My goal is just to make sure everyone is legitimate when working with them and can help with problems that arise down the road.