Where to look for investments while living in new york city

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Hi! My name is Roland and I am a 22 years old immigrant from D.R.Congo, Africa living in new york city. As everyone here, I am really interested in REI but all have done so far is read and Do a little research about it. Im mostly intersted in house flips and rentals. I am willing to know where to start my REI in any area not far from nyc bc i believe its too scary and difficult to invest in nyc especially for a newbie like me lol

I know a few folks who are making an absolute killing in AirBnb/Short term rentals in the NYC area. Something to look into if you're shorter on capital and looking for something in your area

@Roland Nzonzila

This is a very tough market. If you're willing to go in the area and do flips, there are a few more markets nearby heading into New Jersey and Pennsylvania that would be better from an opportunity perspective. 

If you have mobility, I would even consider faster growing cities where the inventory is lower cost. You have more room to experiment. Also, the cost of labor tends to be lower in these markets as well.