How are you finding off market deals?

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I have been searching the MLS for investment property with no real success. I have gotten into a couple bidding wars on property with strong numbers but did not win. Now I am going to start looking for off market deals.

What Success have you had with this? Also, how would you go about getting started with this? 

My idea was to create a standard letter to sellers which states I am interested in buying a property in their neighborhood. Has anyone here had success with this Strategy? 

What resources and or websites are you using to find these deals? Or is it just mass mail marketing? 

@Christopher Lynch

Continue to look on mls. You just have to be a little creative to make deals happen but doable.

Network with the top realtors and brokers in your area that usually list the type of properties you are interested in. You can have them bring you their listings before they go live on mls so you don’t have to worry about competing with others and in return they can represent you and double end it. Win-win but you have to know what your doing and be comfortable since it’s difficult for an agent to have fiduciary responsibility to two opposing sides.

Best of luck!