TAX OVERAGES: WHO CAN CLAIM? (and other questions)

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Hi all! Question 1: If a property sold in 2017 at a tax sale, and there is a surplus owed, what happens if the owner is now deceased? Can an heir claim the overage? Or is it only for living home owners? What if the heir's name is nowhere on record? How would they prove they are the heir? I have a list that says there is a surplus of $250,000 on one property, but that home owner passed away shortly after the tax sale. I'd like to get started in the overages game, but I'm unsure about this process. I saw that in Illinois, an heir can claim, but I'm unsure if this is true for all other states. Question 2: What kind of script can I use to help me convince the person on the other end of the phone that they should let me help them reclaim their overage and pay me a finder's fee? How am I to make them aware of the value of my service and prevent them from just Googling the info, filling out the form, and keeping the overage all to themselves? Question 3: Do I need a lawyer to help me in this venture? Thanks for the input!

Hi Erica, I'm just now seeing this original post. I'm still new as well, just getting started. I'm currently going through some training, trying to get my first deal done!

I'm willing to share whatever little knowledge that I gain.

Be blessed...

@Tyrone Harris @Erica Abner I've been researching this topic and I haven't met one person who has been successful in this hustle. All I see is people trying to sell the formula or other information, there is a guy on facebook that has 2 different groups one for prospects and one for people who have paid. I've done my due diligence on his program and I just don't believe anyone who has actually paid or made any money off this. I've read plenty of books on the topic but in the end, they want you to buy something. It seems to me people are just selling info or programs to make their money, not to help those who are buying into the program to make money for themselves. Just my opinion. If you guys are really seeing success in this, please keep me in the loop. Thanks