Don’t know what to do now?

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So I was originally going to take out a loan and and buy a first home. BUT now I have an annuity with $30k in it and I want to wait a couple more years to have $70k for a nice 20% down on a house we like.(Fiancé and I)

So in the mean time I was thinking we buy a duplex? And live in other side or anyyyyy other way to invest in real estate. Here’s the catch, if I buy it, it voids my first time home buyers loan and also now I can’t take out my annuity penalty free. (First time home buyer, I can take out my annuity penalty free;14%)

So that leads me here with just my fiancé’s credit and maybe use her first time home buyers loan? The thing is she only makes $30k a year and won’t get approved for a mortgage we need for a duplex.(home would be under her name). So what now?

I still want to invest in some way other than REITs.

I do have $15k saved up though if that helps :)

Thanks guys/girls on helping me out!

@Jerry Maggiore Are you pre-approved? There are several strategies you could take...1) Secure your FTHB financing and purchase the duplex gaining instant income. 2) Use a HomeStyle Renovation Loan to renovate a property possibly gaining more equity and the potential use of a HELOC to jump into a new investment. 3) Purchasing maybe 2 properties at auction with your cash and flipping those/wholetailing those...