Rich Dad Poor Dad Seminars (Legacy Education) - Worth it?

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My wife and I went to the free weekend teaser seminar, which we found pretty intriguing, and now we are considering paying to do their 3-day seminar. I was really warm to it right after, but colder now that I've found BP and also have seen a few reviewers say that while they provide good information, they're all about pushing their expensive coaching services. Any advice?

I can say as a newbie there is unlimited information and rabbit holes to go down here that require zero. Also so many people to reach out and connect to. Personally I'm hoping to connect with fellow members in my area and possibly partner with some. But I've been amazed on what I can learn and absorb by just digging in

@Eric Whitelaw I have taken a few Rich Dad seminars. They are pricey for sure. You would be better off to invest your time on BP, as well as, find a local real estate investment clubs and attend their meetings. Many hold training classes that are a lot less than Rich Dad. One thing I remember that Rich Dad always kept saying during the training was “check with your state/local laws where you live.” It was too vague of training geared towards a national audience. But I attended some training offered by one of the local clubs and they were specific about local laws. In fact, they gave advise as to what cities would fine you for putting up bandit signs. That practical kind of training is more valuable. And if you don’t know what a bandit sign is start with a wholesaling class. They cover that in detail.

@Eric Whitelaw step 1: Add your city, state to your profile so people on here can reach out to you and connect in your area

step 2: go on and look for every real estate related meetup in your city

step 3: attend every real estate meetup and networking event you can

step 4: find people on BP who live in your city or near it or even claim to invest in your city

step 5: set regular meetups with people you network with.  simple monthly coffee meetups with a small group.

This is the quickest way to learn the game.  Learn from those around you.  Trust me, it is 100x more valuable than attending any weekend seminar.  You can "learn the game of investing" by reading 100's of books and become like many BP newbies and never do a deal or only do 1-2.  Or you can immerse yourself with people around you doing deals and learn from them.  I guarantee they will help you succeed and push you to do the best you can in this game.  And best of all, their help is free.

Save the money and then apply it to an investment property when you get advised from your new network.  The learning experience from your first deal will trump any other time spent learning the game.