I am interested in getting into wholesaling from the aspect of connecting other wholesalers who have properties with buyers.

I want to understand what the process of JV'ing looks like. Here are some of my questions regarding the process:

1) Does the JV wholesale contract need to go to the title company in order to ensure that my portion of the wholesale fee is guaranteed to be properly handled? I don't trust people enough to have a contract between myself and another person and for them to honor it always.

2) Are there any activities that would be suggested to keep the buyer contact information in order to continue JV'ing on future projects? Or is it basically once I've introduced the buyer and the wholesaler then they are free to partner in the future as well. I suppose I cannot keep them from exchanging contact info to cut me out of the middle in the future?

3) What other details should I care for in the JV process?

Thanks all for your help!