Hey BP nation,

I'm a college student in the midwest and just have some questions about looking into a wholesale deal. I've done my research for the most part, but am unfamiliar with the legality or "morals" that go along with wholesaling. I'm looking to do a deal as this would be my first real estate investment related deal. When going to contract with a seller, say you are unable to actually find a buyer to do the deal. Is there anyway to get out of that contract? Thinking about it, before the contract is put together I feel like I should put an opt out clause, in the event I can't find a buyer, so I don't have to buy the property myself. Given that I'm currently in college and will have a little bit of debt, there's no way I'd be able to fund that purchase. All information and help with anything in this post is appreciated. Sorry for the ranmbling, just a lot I want to find out.

Thanks BP