Hi all - I am looking for a website based app that would help me keep track of my property portfolio.

1. Do you guys know of anything like this?

2. Can you think of anything else I should be tracking?

I would want to track/maintain the following info:

  • property nickname
  • address
  • residential or commercial
  • name on deed
  • current value (could perhaps be live data, sourced from Zillow, etc?)
  • purchase price
  • monthly mortgage payment
  • current mortgage loan rate
  • bank/lender where mortgage is along with account # and phone and website of company
  • - checkboxes if this payment includes PMI
  • - checkbox if this includes property tax
  • HOA dues
  • auto calculation of balance due on mortgage each month
  • auto calculation of current equity in the property
  • current amount rented for if rented for long term (180 days or longer)
  • monthly average income if short term (AirBnB, etc) - could be live updated via AirBnB API
  • property tax (if not included in mortgage)
  • maintenance and other expenses (or at least an average I can update monthly based on bills)
  • running totals of all monthly expenses, total equity positions