Ready for my first purchase! Tips on low income financing?

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Hey all! I'm ready to buy my first home, but I've been hesitant to pull the trigger on pre-qualification. I reported very low income for the past 1 years, less than 10k, 1099. I've been working as an estate property manager, and made a great income while I was managing vacation rentals, events and weddings! The property sold and I stayed on as a caretaker only, with barter for all utilities paid 2 bed home, but no pay. I worked on the side, but not a lot! Now I'm in a different area and working as a property manager again, managing airbnb rentals. I want to buy my own place, and fix/flip while I live there, house hack/airbnb while I live there or in RV, etc. My sweetheart is a construction project manager, we're expert painters, and we're experienced with most aspects of remodeling. We just need to get one small successful project going for ourselves!

Problem is the income history. I have a 748 credit score, and 10k to put down. I may be able to get a private loan from my former client of 30-60K (he said to ask him again in August). What are my best options? Just go to a credit union and see what I qualify for? (possibly nothing!) Use the private loan as 20% down on an investment loan? (Where can I learn more about how to do that without screwing it up?) Try for a usda loan? Or should I just wait 2 years while I make more money? I really don't want to wait! I want to move asap, and don't want to waste money on rent ever again! Lol!

All advice is deeply appreciated! 

Hi Jeska, 

I'm new to the flip and BRRRR. I was in a similar situation, with a great credit score, however I had $50k saved and had a good steady income that being said. I was fortune enough to have a investor who lent me $150k ( family friend ) and two friends who invested $5k each for a small return. I purchased a single family flip it will be done this Sept. Bottom line. If you can get family & friends to invest and show them what they can make in investing in you it's better than a bank. You own your first property and you use that as leverage /  equity / BRRRR for the next property. 

Thanks John Silva! How did the loan work for your family/friends? What was their return? Did you have to start making payments to them right away? Or do they get paid in full, with their interest or percentage after the sale?