Builders in Texas!!!

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I have a general question since I am about to start building my first home in Texas (Dallas Area) and I need help. how much would you guys say on an average the sq ft of Construction would cost with out the lot cost to build a 2500 sq ft 2 story property with 100% mason work? I'm looking for a price with out the lot cost.

Something simple, not a custom home but a 2 story  house with cheap features.

I am very eager to give the first step and I would really appreciate some information on the subject.

Have a great day guys 


@Ricky Martinez . Difficult to give you a realistic Dollar Per SF for construction as it's heavily dependent upon costs of permits, utility connections, etc. Having said that, if you assumed $100 / SF for simple constructions in which you have a local construction crew handle everything would be a realistic planning figure.