Im doing marketing to get motivated sellers, my question is.. should I ask them questions about the property on the phone OR at the appointment?

These are the questions:

》What repairs does the home need? Does it have any electrical or plumbing issues? Or any other big repairs?

》What's the neighborhood’s condition?

》what's the minimum price you would sell your house for

》How do you know your house is Worth______ did you do a CMA? is the house updated?

》do you pay H.O.A

》do you have any liens on the property

■ whats the minimum you would charge for rent?

■ how much do you owe?

■ how much equity do you think you have?

■what's your total monthly payment. Is that with taxes and insurance?

■ what type of mortgage do you have

■ what's your interest rate? Is it a fixed rate?

■ what's the life of the loan

■ are your payments current