Business owner or Real Estate investor, which should I choose?

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I'm looking to start up a business/invest in real estate.  I have saved a pretty good sum of money, but I am still searching for ideas.  I live in a smaller town of 14k people surrounded by a few thriving steel mills.  Any ideas of what I should look into bringing into my town?  From restaurants, to bars, to consignment shops, any input will help.  Or should I pivot to real estate, and just purchase a couple of rent houses and go from there?  I have thought about the real estate part, but worried about having to renovated myself as well as paying someone to do it for me.  Thanks for any input!  I work a swing shift, 4 on 4 off, so I have a good deal of free time.  Thanks for any input in advance!

Hey Seth, Maybe connect with your local chamber of commerce and hear what they think the town needs. This is a real estate website so any answers here are going to be biased towards real estate. Good luck!