3 Little Houses to buy

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I haven't had the chance to go inside and look inside the house.  The property manager is trying to sell as well.  Do I have any rights to buy from her without making an offer?  I think this is a really good deal. I don't want the property management company to sale them first. One property has a tenant, the other 2 are vacant. The 2 that are vacant needs some work and the outside for sure. 

Any suggestions on what to do the keep the houses from getting sold before I get a chance to look at them really close? I live in NC if that matters.

Hello @Keith Gallimore.  Your best bet is to get it under contract with some due diligence time to get in and inspect.  Try to negotiate the lease amount of DD money so if you walk away it won't hurt as much.  Oh, and if you get them, keep us in mind for management, LOL.  

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