Is Seth william’s $2000 REtipster course worth the money?

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Hi, all. I recently listened to episode 39 (land investing with Seth Williams). I took in depth notes during the podcast episode and also read a free article online about how land valuation works. Williams’s REtipster course is kind of pricey, so I’m curious if any of you have taken it/is it worth it compared to just learning the information available for free?

Thank you!

Like you, I started out listening to podcasts and reading the free info available online. Specifically, @Seth Williams has a LOT of really good free info on his blog for understanding the basic concepts. In principal, land flipping is not that hard of a concept. Do you NEED to take a course to learn how to do it? Probably not. Can a course help you get up and going faster and explain more of the details? Yes.

 A little over a year ago, I decided to sign up for a one year membership for Seth’s course (pricing options may have changed since then, but that was an option back then). Besides being one of the lower priced courses for land that I’m aware of, I liked the way Seth wrote for his blog articles and could tell he does his research before writing something, so I figured the course would be well done. It was (is). He does a very good job of putting the pieces together in a logical order and explains things without a bunch of fluff. The course also goes into more detail than some of the blog posts, although many of the blog posts are part of the course content. He also provides lots of good sample forms, contracts, etc. Seth adds and updates the material as needed, which helps keep it up to date. There is also a private forum where you can ask questions and get feedback from all the members, which is very helpful.

I have only been doing land flipping part time at a pace that works with my busy life, so your results may vary depending on how much time you can put into it. So far I have done two deals start to finish from buy to sell and have 3 more properties that I am working on selling now. I have already recouped all my initial investment (the membership, mailers to date, website hosting, etc), and now am several thousand in the black. 

After my initial year of membership, I upgraded to the lifetime membership because I see the continued value in having access to any updates to the course material and the forums. Was the cost worth it? For me it was. 

@Shea Heilman —I've been part of Seth's REtipster Club for around 6-8 months. Something like that. I've not been let down. I tried learning the land biz from another leading group. Spent a good chunk of money with them (thousands) and got a lot of good, but also more knowledge gaps than should have been there. Turned to Seth's training next b/c I've always been impressed with the quality and relevance of his blogs and podcasts. Long story short, he filled all of the knowledge gaps I had, and even more I didn't know I had. Meaning, his training is top notch, excellently done, and he stands behind it 100%. I don't make any money by saying that I can strongly recommend it to anyone who's trying to shorten your land investing learning curve massively... you won't be disappointed. He gives A LOT of helpful examples, templates, etc. in there too. And yes, a private forum too. Highly recommend.

The REtipster content is well worth the money.  

I've been through the Land Academy curriculum and it does a good job of explaining the complete process to get a brand new land investor all the way through their first deal with lots of details.  REtipster does it better (in my opinion) for half the money (fact).  Seth's course is layed out in a way that is very logical and structured without being overwhelming.  As pointed out above, you can get a ton of great information from Seth's free blog.  But if your serious about land investing I think a person is better off committing to a course and spend some serious time and consideration in just trying to understand the entire process and how all of the parts fit together.  And if you're going to buy a course, REtipster is by far the way to go.  

@Shea Heilman - I applaud you for asking before buying.  I first learned of Seth via BP podcast #39 also.  I spent a lot of time on the internet absorbing as much as I could find from free sources before I bought anything.  The amount of information for free on Seth’s blog seemed to be far greater quantity and quality than other land resources.  It was his willingness to give away so much for free that impressed me.  When my son started participating in the land business with me a couple years later, our business bought a second subscription to the course and membership for him as I wanted him to go through the course to learn the foundational info. The course is a great resource in the first year but the members forum, the live office hours, master mind group and the bonus material that I could not have gotten from the free blog material has become an even greater value to me as I became more experienced.

@JP Moses

Hi JP. May I ask what other land investing course you tried prior to REtipster? Do you now believe that retipster is sufficient education for a beginning land investor? Did you receive 1-on1 coaching when learning to invest in land?

How will I learn legalities, how to structure my business for taxes, legal forms, what to watch out for? Is all of this provided with Retipster? What would be the second best resource in your opinion? 

Thanks very much JP!