Found a Deal in Pittsburgh but have 0 contacts there

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So here is my issue. I live in San Diego and I found a property 30 minutes outside Pittsburgh in a town called baden. My friend is a wholesaler and has it under contract for 18k 

it needs about 55k worth of work and initial comps indicate arv should be around 120k

plenty of meat on the bone. Only one problem. I don't know a soul in Pittsburgh.

How do I go about finding trustworthy realtors, contractors etc. in that area without breaking the rules of the bigger pockets forums?

Please advise

@Phil Spadaro

Yeah, you've got a problem. I live and operate in Pittsburgh and I don't know more than a bare handful of realtors and contractors, etc. Finding rental deals in this area that look better than San Diego's are not a problem at all -- getting reliable people to work on them when you're across the country...not so easy. By way of explanation, are you willing to leave San Diego and come live here for the incredible real estate opportunities?

Originally posted by @Phil Spadaro :

@jim k no I am not willing to leave san diego. I am looking for reliable trustworthy people I can work with in your area.

 Of course you are. You and every other investor in California. The good ones have been snapped up, and the bad ones who need regular supervision to do semi-reliable work are all that's left. And since you're not willing to move here, and I don't blame you, you're out of luck.

My first order of business is put it on the market to unload your meat.  Some do OK with Craigslist or sell it through a realtor.  I will not spend much time other than clean it up and marketing for sale.  Chances are there are cost overruns. Unless you stay on top of things being there I would not want to sink any time and resources. 

@Phil Spadaro I flipped a house in Baden and it was difficult to find contractors over there for me. I would say that ARV might be aggressive for the area. Not obscenely so, but is high. I don't know the house though so my opinion isn't worth much. Just considering the area in general.

For what it's worth I know @Jeremy Taggart does a lot over there and he might be able to help you.