Hi BiggerPockets community!

So this is actually my first time posting, but I’ve recently been following the podcasts and reading up on my material. Once I’m more acquainted and can provide useful insight, I really want to get an actual profile going and engage in discussions on here.

Anyways, I'm 23 years old, currently training to apply for the Air Force as an officer. Obviously, one of the most enticing benefits of joining is the VA loan so you can potentially put 0% down. However, I also saw that the FHA loan can be used for your first home and the VA can still be utilized if you're looking for your second.

With this in mind, my general intention would be to buy a multifamily with the FHA at wherever area I would be stationed at, househack it, and then buy another multifamily with the VA to househack that as well after a year of occupancy.

The one caveat is that I still have to be a good distance from work, hence those properties will be in some proximity to each other. Do you think a lender would still issue me the VA loan with the first house being in the same general vicinity in mind? Especially considering that these are, for all purposes, meant to be used for primary residences.

Let me know your guys’ thoughts on my plan as well. This is more of a basis than anything solid and hope to polish it once I educate myself further. Thank ya!