Looking to network with brokers, PMs, investors in CO and NC

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I'm a new investor currently looking at small multifamily (2-4 plex), and I'm interested in the Charlotte, NC and Denver, CO areas.

I'd like to meet some investors that are in that market that I can network with. Also agents/brokers/PMs, as I'm in CA so I'll need to be investing remotely.

Thank you, and look forward to meeting you!

@Strom Lee Hi Strom, nice to meet you. I’m an investor and licensed agent (mostly for my own purposes but happy to help others too) in the Denver/Front Range market. Let me know if you have any specific questions about our market here. Best, Steve

@Strom Lee

Hi Strom! Nice to meet you! I am a licensed agent looking to connect with fellow investors. The Charlotte area is developing and growing everyday! Let me know if you have any questions, I would love to help you make some investments here in the Charlotte area.

Hi @Strom Lee . I'm an agent in the Charlotte area. For your particular strategy with small multifamily properties, I honestly wouldn't waste your time looking in Charlotte. That type of building is not common in Charlotte. The ones that do pop up are either in terrible condition or the rental rates won't support the purchase price to even a 1% rule. 

That being said, that is my experience for properties listed on the MLS. If you can find wholesaler connections for off-market properties, that may be a different story. Just my two cents!