FHA Duplex Multiunit Downpayment Requirements

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Hi @Leah Brooke -

What's the price of the duplex and where in Colorado?

It's not that FHA loans require a certain down payment percentage (beyond the 3.5%), but, rather, they have max limits for each county ... depending on the price of the property, you could hit the loan limit and still have more than 3.5% to cover before you reach the purchase price. For example, I've got clients doing an FHA loan on a duplex in Raleigh, NC right now - the max FHA loan on a duplex for this county is $434,300 - we're in contract for a little over $460k - it means they've got to put around 6% down in order to use this loan type.

Take a look here to see what the limits are for your county in CO...