Getting started in Massachusetts

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Hi all,

I'm from 20 minutes south of Boston and just getting started in real estate investing. I'm in research phase now and reading/listening everything I can get hands on.  I've been preaproved for a purchase price of 175K.  With that in mind, that's not going to get too far in eastern Massachusetts (I don't think).  Anyone have any suggestions on markets to target in the area for newbies?  Head to RI, NH?  Thanks all.

@Kenny Downey $175K might get you into a small-ish condo that you could possibly BRRRR. It certainly wouldn't be in the city. Most likely in Plymouth or Bristol counties.

I just searched MLS and found one in Wareham for $170K that "needs TLC".

Other than that, you might find something in Maine or NH.

Hey Kenny, welcome to BP and your investing adventure! I actually grew up down on the south shore in the Plymouth area. Not sure how tied down to the area you are, but I assume your open to house hacking? Don’t rule out central mass. You can find two families in that 160-200 price point. 

@Kenny Downey Hi Kenny!  You can find properties within your price range in New Bedford MA. It'll take quite a bit of searching and patience but can be done.  I recently purchased my first 3-family in NB and would be glad to help you any way I can.