Hello, my name is Matthew Layne and I am new to Bigger Pockets. I am hoping to gain all the knowledge I can through the help of the forum and listening to the pros on what I need to do. I currently have about 100k I have saved up and looking to invest in a duplex that the asking price is $135,000. The duplex is 2 Bedroom, and 1 Bathroom in each apartment. I am looking to generate from $600 to $800 a month for each apartment. I am going to be using a property manager to manage the duplex. The only debt I have is a truck payment that is 400 a month. I own my home so there is not a mortgage payment. This will be an OOS investment, but I have used the property manager before for a single family home. So my question is considering 100k is basically all I have, would it be wise to put the whole 100k down and finance the rest with a very small mortgage payment? Put maybe $75000 down and leave me some breathing room in case of an unforeseen circumstance? Or put down like 20 percent and use debt to go ahead and maybe purchase another property? I am looking to grow a portfolio and looking to try and generate a cash flow of at least $6000 a month. Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.