Adding Value to Rental Home

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I'm currently house hacking my first purchased home.  I'm curious what renovations are worth it and what to stay away from.  My plan is to move out in a year or two, once I've saved up to buy another place and start renting my current home out.  What updates would be beneficial to increase the cost of a rental? Are there any updates that are known to have zero effect on increasing the value of the house?

@Seth Firestone in a rental you really have to look at what your competition is. I would never put the kind of work into a rental that I would do in a flip. Nothing needs to be top of the line unless there is a market for a luxury rental. Do some research on what your competition looks like in your area. If you find nice upgraded homes in your area and you find a couple that are rented it could make sense to do some nice upgrades in the kitchen and bathroom. I would never buy nice carpet because you will have to replace it sooner or later. I try to put tile or laminate in my rentals since it looks good and lasts.