Working in construction w/ no experience (Austin, TX)

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To cut right to the chase, I'd like to get hands-on experience working on flip projects in the Austin, Texas area and have very little experience. I know how to swing a hammer, and work some basic tools, but I know I'm not proficient in construction skills to take on my own flip, or likely join someone else's crew. I also realize by joining someone else's construction team I'd be a bit of a liability, and I'd be asking to learn on the job...

So my question is...what should I do? Apply to general construction projects anyway and expect to just learn "sink or swim" style? In my head, all I know is that in Goodwill Hunting, Magic Mike, etc. (lol) these dudes just work in construction for whatever how do I get there? 

Blake, what side of town do you live in? I am about to take on two projects of my own. One is a 30k remodeling of a fourplex and the other one is a complete gut job which is going to be about 75k budget. I am sure that we could put you to work somehow even if its just being a helper or someone keeping the job site clean. That will begin about mid september on one job and the other october. Its south central.... Both buy and hold forever type deals for own portfolio.