Is the Lee Arnold System worth it?

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I'm considering getting started with the Lee Arnold System to be able to

offer private brokering in addition to what I already do. Does anyone

have any insight on his system? And if its worth the time and the $398?

From what it looks like, it seems like I would be bird dogging for

private lenders and getting a small cut of the deal. Any advice?

very tough  ..  you see craigs list adds full of folks who try to do this.. I think the issue is the only going monthly fee

for 400 bucks what the heck can you make money doing this HIGHY unlikely unless your well connected to big money players no private lender is going to trust someone with no experience and bought a 400 dollar coarse think about it realistically

Why is everyone so ready to go and spend $100, $500 or even several $1,000 for something that sounds interesting. There are no get rich quick situations. If there are, they are probably not ethical or legal.

Keep marketing, wholesaling, rehabbing or whatever you are doing and just do a little more of it. Work a little harder at it. Over time you will meet people who do other things than you at the local REIAs. They will tell you about it without having to spend money. 

There is You Tube also. You can google just about anything and get all the information. Stick with the basics and make money at it, then venture out.

Hi Michael!  Did you ever get started? The program is now 10k with brokering and wholesaling along with apps and tools. Just wondering your thoughts.  They refund your money after you close 2 deals wholesaling and 2 borrowing.