Three options for advertising?

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Wondering for those people who first started out chasing off-market deals, what advertising methods did you use? Would anyone suggest hitting one in particular, or spend some money on each? The three we are considering are:

1. Paid ads on Facebook

2. Direct mail, postcards, local paper ads, local paper inserts, door hangers.

3. Possible radio, TV, billboards/bus benches.

I have also heard that spending money and getting our site optimized ( would be a good investment, but we are worried about watering down our brand.

I'd like to hear what others have done, success stories, failures, etc. Please share your experiences and thoughts!

I have been testing some techniques on FB for some time now. Still not there yet.

Not a fan of direct mail.

@Gus Muller direct mail, if done right, can be the best option amongst the three strategies you mentioned. Getting your site optimized is a good option but it takes time to get results. If your website has few pages then you don't need to hire anyone to do the SEO (search engine optimization) as you can do them by yourself. 

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.