Wholesaling Real Estate

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Hi BP members! My name is Adonis Simpson I’m 23 just starting out in real estate investing. I have experience in Automotive & real estate sales — which I sold while in college. But, everything else that comes with real estate investing is very new to me.

I’m currently located in Denver, CO for work, but plan to invest in Michigan (hometown).

I’m willing to work remotely or help in anyway possible to learn more about the business. Fix & flips as well as wholesaling definitely interest me starting out.

If there’s any advice that you may have for a newbie like myself I’m all ears! However, building my network with investors worldwide would be great.

I’m a complete action taker, and would appreciate if any seasoned investors would be willing to connect with me.

Hope to connect with you all!

Hi @Adonis Simpson ,

Denver is a fantastic market to learn about real estate investment!  Attending classes that @Chris Lopez teaches will help you in all real estate markets.  He offers courses on "How Many Properties Needed to Retire" to "Property Analysis Spreadsheet."  Chris is a seasoned investor in the Denver Metro area as well as a Real estate agent.  Please click on Chris above to find out more!