Best job to look for to gain both knowledge and capital

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I am 21 years old, and have been working for camps since I was 14. When I was 18, I started listening to the BP podcasts, and it really sparked an interest in REI. I have spent the past three years learning all I can about the world of real estate and personal finance in general, while still working full time for a couple different camps.

I am now at a great point to get out of this field and look for one where I can learn more about what really interests me, and possibly also earn some capital along the way for my own investments. I have been considering applying at property management companies, but I just want to know what the best option is. Any tips or input would be greatly appreciated.

Income solves a lot of problems. Work for the most money available, invest in real estate. In a few years, you can quit your job, so it doesn't matter what the job is, as long as it provides the money to invest in real estate.

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@Anthony Dooley thank you for the response. I have had the same thought, I just didn’t know if it would be more valuable to do something that involves real estate so I can sort of practice along the way, but i do agree with you

 Unfortunately, getting a real estate license will teach you nothing about real estate investing. It teaches you about equal opportunity housing and how many square feet are in an acre of land. Make money, invest it in real estate, become wealthy over time so that you don't need a job.

You are better off working for a property management company.

You can learn property management systems, see income properties first hand, and get an idea for market rates. You can also learn some handy dandy skills like fixing things and cleaning things and how much certain service items cost... like

It won’t maximize your income but neither will 100K in college debt. Go from property manager to high end maintenance tech to general contractor and you can make some
Good money.

If you want to work in the industry